Marjorie Lam is a dedicated writer. She writes or reads all the time. Who said  a good writer is a good reader »? In her case it is!

Marjorie Lam is 9 years old and she lives in Hong Kong. She really enjoys reading novels and the genre doesn’t matter. However, her favorite books are the ones from the series « The Land of Stories ».  When she is not reading, she likes to play with her little sister. She likes to play at the playground, she enjoys playing badminton and having fun in the swimming pool. She likes to go to school and meets all her friends. She also plays piano and later, she would like to be a doctor.

« Mystery at the Mansion » (+3000 words) is her first novella and moreover, her first thriller! She is very proud about this story. She worked very hard and hopes you will enjoy it.

As she really loves writing stories, she created another one which is also a thriller,   »The Lost Father ». As her second novella, she wanted to create a longer story.    »The Lost Father » required several months of hard work, sharing her time between school, homework, studies, piano, reading, and writing of course! She hopes you will enjoy this story as well!

You want more? As soon as  »The Lost Father » was finished, Marjorie began the writing of another story, a quest!  This is going to be quite challenging with a bigger content, a different genre but as well written in the Marjorie Lam’s style.



« Mystery at the Mansion » is a thriller of more than 3000 words in 6 chapters for a total of 23 pages. The story begins with the murder of a little boy. during the night. Inspector Peter is called the following morning. 


« A kid… This doesn’t make any sense… » Thought Peter.  After few seconds, he asked:

« Any witness? »

« Not as far as I know… » replied Billy.

« Who was here last night? »

« As usual, servants, guards, helpers… the usual staff », said Billy, confused by the death of his son.

« So how this could happen then? » asked the inspector.

« Surely someone from the inside took part of this », thought Peter.

The investigation won’t be easy as many suspects had many reasons to steal 1 million dollars. But why killing a boy? How the murderer entered in the house? How did he know the way up the second floor to the boy’s room? Follow the investigation to find out about this sordid case.


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« The Lost Father » is another thriller which contains more than 5300 words in 11 chapters for a total of 39 pages. Th is is the story of 2 children and their mom during a picnic. The little brother goes too far and disappears in an abandonned house. His mum and his sister look for him and are becoming prisonners in the house. How are they going to get out of there ?


At night, John helped Rose and his mom to untie the ropes. They climbed up to the window and jumped down. The dungeon wasn’t very high from the ground, only few feet. Rose escaped first, John followed and Mom was last. Unfortunately, the man was on the ground, waiting for them.

 »I knew you were going to escape by the window! I heard all of your conversation! » the man said, glaring at them.  »Now, you cannot escape anymore and will stay forever in this house! Ha ha ha ha ha… »

The man’s smile was terrible, his teeth were so black. Rose and her mom clearly saw the scar on his face.

 »Mom, John, now we can’t escape, because we talked too loudly! » Rose said, turning to her mom and John. She frowned at them. Rose pointed to John.  »Here! The silly idea! Why don’t you open the lock instead? »

 »I’m sorry that I played here, Mom, Rose. It’s my fault, please forgive me, » John wept.  »Oh, now I hope we’re still at home, and playing a game! Why did we come here? It is just a silly place! »


However, their jailer seems to keep them alive but why?

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