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In July 2017, another summer was going to begin. And so, students were going to  keep learning in Education Centres or with private teachers to learn and improve their academic English. I wanted to make it a bit different, at least for them. So I created a course called « How to write a book ». My aim was to teach young learners how to write a book, from the first idea to the final steps including the cover page. Parallel to this, they would learn tenses, vocabulary, how to write, how to proofread in an enjoyable, unstressful, and pleasant way.

At my surprise, this idea took off rapidly and I got many students within the two first weeks.The summer was going to be more interesting.However, another surprise was waiting for me. As usually many students are reluctant to learn or do exercises, these new students were extremely involved in this project. Even parents told me how their children were excited about their book(s) and coudln’t wait to get the hard print. Week after week, they worked on their writing, correcting tenses and vocabulary, spelling and structures of their sentences, modifying as well their dialogues or how to express a feeling. I helped them to make their story better. I shared different tips and tricks to improve and enlarge their vocabulary without carrying a big dictionary!

Even though if at first sight it seems easy to write a book, most, if not all of them, faced the same struggles to pursue and achieve their journey like any other author. This adventure was, and still is, an edifying and almost an eternal battle inundated of desperate moments, of blank page fears, of never-ending word building sentences, paragraphs and pages.At my other big surprise, at each lesson, when more words were written, more excited these young authors became and raised their own expectations higher. They all finished the summer with a book in their hands, cover page and biography included.Their smile was worth the effort.

At the beginning, the youngest one was 6 years old and the oldest one was 9 years old. None of them had any experience in writing a book but all of them succeeded. Since then, other young authors joined the group. More others are following.

Writting a book requires a little bit of imagination but is not the indispensable skill. The particular skill mainly needed is a method, a direction of proceeding, a way of « how to », something they acquired from the first to the last lesson. However, they rapidly learned the irrevocable  and imperative qualities involved in an experience like this one: perseverance and determination.

Without hesitation, I can say they loved to write their book. They loved so much that all of them wanted to keep writing. By January 2018, at the moment I write this introduction, many of these young writers are in the process of finishing their second book and even though, beginning a third one.

They aim to write another story, experimenting another genre or trying something new but all, unanimously, want to have a bigger content. In short, more words! I am amazed that students who were horrified in front of a 200 words school composition are now not only facing a long story but feel happy at the count of thousands of words. More they have, happier they are! Never I saw students being involved and participating so much in a course or project like this one. Lesson after lesson, words, sentences and paragraphs are added and their story becomes slowly but surely a « real » book. They are right to be proud of it!

And I am proud to have helped them to make it!

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In a close future, other courses will be added to help the younger writers. There is still so much to learn and experiment to become a better author.In these links, you will also have access to templates (Word/Windows), dictionary, how to print and assemble a book , and more to come.

are here to only improve the learning of our young ones. well to answer to your questions, let you know more about the course, the young authors and their books, than providing help for the young writer, no matter the age of the writer, with help about how making and organizing stories.  If you have any question, feel free to leave me a word. It will be my pleasure to answer you.

Yves Beland